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The ISU Journal: Stereoscopy # 64 (December 2005)

Stereoscopy Cover

Top row: Gunslinger (left), Yo-Yo Artist (center), Gambler (right)
Bottom row: Table Tennis (left), Offensive Lineman (center), Pitcher (right)
All photos by David E. Klutho

This edition comes in six different cover variations,
each with a beautiful lenticular image pasted on the front cover.
A real collectible! Order them separately to complete your collection!

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  $ 5.00 Yo-Yo Artist Cover
  $ 5.00 Gambler Cover
  $ 5.00  Table Tennis Cover
  $ 5.00  Offensive Lineman Cover
  $ 5.00  Pitcher Cover

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Contents include the following articles
Lenticular Portraiture David E. Klutho
Gosch! images by Dan Gosch
From the Editor Jan Burandt
An Interview with Snap3D Alexander Klein
The Experience of Self-publishing Phantograms from Nature Barry Rothstein
3D Installations Karen Grainger
My Favorite 3D Gear and WHY? David Starkman
Reely Good: Review of ReelTOOL software Alexander Klein
First International Digital Anaglyph Contest: The Dabiri Award Sharokh Dabiri
Shooting in the Raw Jim Gasperini
3D Flipbook Shab Levy
At You Not With You Brian Loeb
Hot Miami! Cool 3D! 2006 NSA Convention Bill Moll

Sample Pages from Stereoscopy, December 2005 issue
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