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A Glossary of Stereoscopic Terms

macro stereo

Ultra close-up images, photographed with a much-reduced stereo base in order to maintain correct stereo recession.

mirror stereoscope

A stereo viewer incorporating angled mirrors, as in the Wheatstone and Cazes stereoscopes.


In stereo usage, a condition where one homologue or view is higher or lower than the other. Where the misalignment is rotational in both views, there is tilt; in one view only, twist. Viewing a misaligned stereogram can result in diplopia or produce eyestrain.

monocular areas

Parts of the scene in a stereo image which appear in one view and not in the other. These can be natural (if behind the stereo window) or unnatural, as in the case of floating edges (if in front of the stereo window).


In stereo usage, a special holder or card used to secure, locate and protect the two images of a stereo pair. Usually, the term includes any framing device or mask which may be incorporated.


The process of fixing the left and right views to a mask or mount (single or double) so that they are in correct register, both vertically (to avoid misalignment) and horizontally (so that the stereo view is held in correct relationship to the stereo window).

mounting jig

A device used to assist in the process of mounting stereo pairs in correct register, usually incorporating an alignment grid placed below the mount holder and a pair of viewing lenses above the film chips to enable each eye to focus on the appropriate image and fuse the pairs.



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