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The 16th ISU Congress
Boise, Idaho, USA
th to 17th July 2007

ISU Congress Logo 2007For only the third time ever the ISU Congress was held jointly with the NSA Convention. This provided an opportunity to combine the best of both events into one. Over 500 people from 17 different countries and 40 different US states attended the week long event.

Boise, Idaho is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA. It provided all the amenities needed to host such a large group while still retaining its small-town, old-west atmosphere. This was reflected in the diverse field trips offered:

  • An abandoned cement plant that offered very different photo opportunities.

  • A visit to Idaho City, an old gold mining town.

  • The largest free standing sand dune in North America at Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park.

  • The Old Idaho State Penitentiary and Botanical Gardens.

  • A train ride ride up the scenic Payette River canyon with a wild whitewater raft trip back down.

  • A backcounty mountain hike in the Sawtooth National Rectreation Area.

The facilities for the meetings, sessions and stereo theater was the Boise Centre on the Grove. Workshops included topics such as "Jigs for Stereo Mounting", "Practicle Shooting Setups for Phantograms", "processing Phantograms", "3D in Art Galleries and Museums". "Digital Stereo Camera", "Graphic Design and Assembly of Modern Stereo Cards", "Editing Dual Stream Video", "A Beginners Guide to Stereo Photo Maker", and others.

Something new and different was the Stereo Art Gallery. Displays of all kinds of stereo images including anaglyph, lenticular, phantogram, large format prints, transparencies, and others were presented in a gallery setting that allowed people to wander about at their leisure. There was also an "Artist's Reception" with food and drinks where you could meet and talk with the artists.

Stereo Gallery
Photo: Linda Nygren

The stereo theater was broken up into shorter sessions over several days rather than the traditional all day sessions. Both film and digital shows were projected using RBT projectors for 41 x 101, Kodak Carousel projectors for 2 x 50 x 50, and special highend digital projectors running at 1400 x 1050 pixels for both still and moving digital shows. Almost two-thirds of all the shows were digital.

Stereo Theater: traditional (top) ... and digital (bottom)

Photos: Ray Moxom

Saturday and Sunday was the trade fair where over 70 different vendors offered everything imaginable related to stereo.

Trade Fair
Photo: Ray Moxom

In the keeping with the old-west theme, instead of the traditional speaker a real Cowboy entertainer was brought in for the awards banquet. Cowboy Rudy is one of the most well known and respected Cowboy entertainers around. With stories, songs, and poetry he kept the audience well entertained.

Cowboy Rudy
Photo: Alexander Klein

Because of Idaho's close location to National Parks such as Yellowstone, Glacier, Olympic Rainforest, Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Craters of the Moon, and others many people came early and/or stayed late to enjoy them and make a complete vacation.

Yellowstone National Park
Photo: Alexander Klein

A very specail thanks goes out to all the staff and volunteers that helped make this event such a success. It truly was a "global effort" and shows how much can be accomplished when people can work together.



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